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Use Coins

On MakerBrane, you’ll need coins to get cool new designs made by others.

Fortunately, there’s a bunch of different ways to get coins for free! Every 24 hours you’ll get 200 coins if you visit the website (while logged in). You can also get 1000 coins for every friend that signs up using your invitation link!

Use your coins on designs you like. You’ll be able to do various things with the designs you get, such as modify them and give them your own spin (called Remixing), or challenge yourself to reconstruct them from scratch for some experience points (called Rebuilding).

You will also be able to see step-by-step instructions you can open on any device, giving you the tools you need to remake the design in the real world (Coming Soon)!

You will get coins whenever someone person purchases your design. Note that they are only purchasing a copy of your design to interact with- the original is still yours!

You can see how many coins you currently have using the indicator at the top right of your screen. Clicking on the plus button of the indicator will show you the different ways to earn coins, as well as provide you with the invite link.

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