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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MakerBrane is a platform to discover, design, play, and learn with toys, digitally.

The 3D MakerSpace is MakerBrane’s amazing online 3D builder for you to create and share cool designs. You can build with thousands of different building parts split into Part Sets, including all the parts from the toy systems you know, as well as geometric shapes, furniture, daily objects, craft items, and also 2D and 3D printable parts. Click the “Build” button on the top right of this page and give it a try!

It’s more than just digital LEGO! Our motto is “Build with Everything”, so it’s full of digital versions of all your favorite toys, and new toys you’ve never heard of before. You can build with a single Part Set or combine them all. MakerBrane is the only platform where you can mix and build with different construction toys in one digital space.

MakerBrane’s 3D MakerSpace is different by being an “assembly” tool rather than a “modeling” tool. You snap pre-made modular toys and other real-life parts to create designs and constructions. It’s all drag and drop and a lot easier to learn than traditional modelers. You can get going with 5 minutes of tutorials available on the website or by doing the tutorials inside the builder!

There is no need to download anything, it all works in your computer browser. Chrome or Firefox work best.

On mobile or tablet, you can browse the massive design catalog of toys created by makers around the world, comment on your favorites, and follow other creators. You can also shop for designs, parts, and more, and soon you’ll be able to build, too!

When you save a design, it’s automatically shared with the community on the platform. You can view it in 3D, in VR (and soon AR), download it for 3D printing or to use in a video game or animation, or you can unlock step-by-step instructions and rebuild it on the platform or in real life with the parts you have at home! All this earns you Coins that you can use to unlock more stuff to build.

At the moment, MakerBrane helps you do that in two ways: the first is by giving you a list of parts included in the design as well as step-by-step building instructions, allowing you to use your own parts and rebuild your design in real life.

The other way is by allowing you to download your model as a 3D-printable file. 

Currently, you can export your design in 3D to gltf, obj, stl, and dae. You can also export your design as a 2D png. If there are any other formats you think would be useful, write to us at with your suggestions!

Not at the moment, but it’s something we’re considering. If you feel like this feature is something that would be really interesting for the community, let us know what you think by dropping us a line at

You can unlock new Part Sets using Coins or XP. The list of Part Sets you can get can be found on the Part Set page.

We’re regularly adding new Part Sets to the 3D MakerSpace, so stay tuned!

The amount of parts that can be added to a design is limited for non-subscribers. For a fraction of a box of bricks, you can upgrade to a Pro Plan and build with up to 10,000 parts at a time!

If you upgrade to the Pro Plan you get much more from the MakerBrane experience. These include: building much bigger models with up to 10,000 parts, early access to Part Sets and Play Sets, exporting high-resolution 2D or 3D files, and more! You can pay monthly or yearly, with a big discount on the latter.

Visit the Upgrade page to compare features. MakerBrane’s digital library is much cheaper than buying bricks, doesn’t take space, and more importantly – doesn’t hurt if you walk on it (might hurt your computer though!)

The best way to get more Coins is by inviting friends. You get 1000 for every friend who signs up using your invitation link! Click on the Coins icon in the navigation bar to find the link.

You can also get Coins from daily website visits, from selling designs, or by simply buying them.

Visit the Coins page for more info.

You can spend Coins on a few things: 

  • New Part Sets for your collection, which you can find in the 3D MakerSpace. 
  • Designs made by other users. They get added to your profile, and you can choose to rebuild them or modify them.
  • New Play Sets, which are themed bundles of designs that you can rebuild for XP.

Think of Play Sets like the construction toy set you buy in a store. A Play Set is a group of designs usually centered around a theme, such as Space, or Architecture, and you goal is to rebuild those designs with the parts included. When you successfully rebuild a design from a Play Set, you’ll get XP! New Play Sets are released regularly, and soon, you might have the chance to make your own! You can find our list of Play Sets here.

The best way to get more XP is by completing Play Sets. You can also get XP from creating original designs. There will be more ways to get XP in the future.

There’s a dark mode! You can find it in the Settings menu in the 3D MakerSpace.

Schools, after school programs and educational Maker Spaces globally are already using MakerBrane to teach 3D design through play. Design and making are extremely empowering activities. They’re the pillars of STEAM education. Please write to us at and join our “STEAM not STEM” network of tech and creative partners.

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