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About Us

What is MakerBrane?

MakerBrane is an online platform for toy design and discovery. At MakerBrane, kids and kidults can create, play, and learn with the best construction toys and playful stuff, digitally. It’s a worldwide community of creators and players with digital tools for infinite toy experiences and fun.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring back diversity to our toy worlds by empowering anyone, anywhere to be a creative player in the toy industry. We are a small company with huge ambition, to put together the largest and most diverse user-generated toy content catalog in the world.

MakerBrane Products

MakerBrane’s first product, the 3D MakerSpace, is an online 3D builder with tens of thousands of real-life parts from mainstream and independent toy makers. It’s easy to learn and powerful enough that anyone can easily use it to design playthings and play worlds in 3D, and then recreate them in the real world.

A small team with big dreams!

MakerBrane’s team is made of toy makers, painters, game designers, architects and coders who all want to make the toy industry a more diverse place.

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