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Free Part Sets!

We have a late Christmas gift for all of you! We’re excited to announce that all Part Sets on MakerBrane are now FREE for a limited time! That means you can now build with Meccano® Junior, Furniture, Alphabet Cubes, Geo-Mag, LEGO®, and MyToyTown right away! Add the already free Basic Blocks to that list and you now have thousands of fresh new toys for all your creative building needs.

We can’t wait to see what you can all create using these different Part Sets. Our Product Designer Chris puts a lot of work into getting these parts to work the way they’re supposed to, so if you haven’t stepped out of your Basic Block comfort zone yet, now’s your chance to get introduced to whole new worlds of Play.

Oh, and just because Part Sets are free now doesn’t mean we’re done adding new ones. We’ve got a slew of new toys lined up for you coming from all around the world, and we can’t wait to share them.

Happy Building!

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