Buy & Sell Designs

When you save a new design, it’s put for sale for others to buy with their coins.
But don’t worry! If a user purchases your design, they’re only getting a
copy of it. The original is still yours and isn’t going anywhere!

So why would someone purchase a copy of your design?
When you buy a design, you’re able to interact with it in 3 ways: Remix and Rebuild it online and in Real Life.

1. Remix

With Remixing, you import the newly purchased model into the 3D MakerSpace, allowing you to make any edits you like, changing its colors, adding parts to it, etc. for a small amount of XP. You can then save this new design as your own.
Note: You cannot sell a remixed design.

2. Rebuild

With Rebuilding, you are challenged to reconstruct the newly purchased design from scratch using a set of instructions. When complete, you get XP depending on the size of the design.
Note: You cannot sell a rebuilt design.

3. Real Life

With Real Life, you access a set of step-by-step instructions to build the design from scratch. This time, the instructions can be opened on a tablet, or phone, or any other smart device, allowing you to use it as a reference when trying to construct the design in the physical world.

Currently, all designs are set at a fixed price. When a user purchases your design, you get half of that price.

What if I don’t want my design to be sold?

You can turn off the Sell option by clicking on Edit Design and switching the status of your design to draft.

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